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“How can we help our athletes to heal, recover, and come back stronger, faster, and ready for more? Massage is that secret weapon. When sports are your career, your body is your asset. Protect it. Nurture it. Make it stronger. Utilize the benefits of massage: enrich your conditioning program, help prepare for and recover from competition, reduce the potential for injuries, massage aids in injury rehabilitation, and it enhances performance.”

A skillful Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) uses highly developed manual skills to maintain the athletes’ general health and enhance their performance. Whether it’s used before or after a competition, or as an integral component of training, massage has been proven to have positive psychological and physiological effects. Basically – it’ll make your brain and body feel good. Studies highlight numerous positive effects massage has on the body. When your brain is at ease you perform better. When your body is stress and pain free you can concentrate on your performance.

Massage gives the athlete the ability to restore and compete on a higher level. There are 5 major applications of massage in sports. On the restorative side is recovery (enhance the athlete’s physical & mental recovery from strenuous sports activity), remedial (to improve a debilitating condition), and rehabilitation (to facilitate healing after a disabling injury). When it comes to training and competition, massage is used for maintenance (to enhance recovery from strenuous exertion, treat debilitating conditions, & help athlete maintain optimal health) and event (help athlete prepare for and recover from a specific competitive event – pre-event: prepare/inter-event: recover & prepare for an upcoming event/post-event: recover, administer first aid or refer problem conditions to another health professional). A trained LMT is able to assess and treat an athlete, and working alongside coaches, trainer, and doctors they provide complete and total care for the athlete.

Massage is most effective when incorporated within an athlete’s training schedule. Once every 2 – 4 weeks is acceptable for weekend warriors. Athletes who train regularly will benefit from a bi-monthly massage. In competition season, massage should be received on a weekly basis to maintain optimum health. Please consult with your health provider before your first massage.

Massage can be beneficial for most people. We all put our body through stress every day. If you don’t find yourself lifting weights or doing curls, think of movements you do every day. Walking, running, lifting, driving and other daily activities cause stress and strain in our bodies. Massage works on that. However, there are certain conditions where massage is not recommended. Speak with your LMT before treatment. We push. Hard. Be prepared. Make massage a part of your training routine.

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