Our programs focus on meeting our athletes where they are and growing them to their next fitness level.


Athletic development

Focus is on the basics. Building a strong foundation is critical to long term sustainability in sports. Emphasis is on function and form. Sport specific training is not allowed during the pre-adolescent years.

We will build your body by increasing your speed, enhancing cardiovascular health, increasing stability, strength and power. The Experience starts with the basics and engages the athlete in fun and challenging classes. Junior Elite Athletes will develop a more positive attitude and self-image.


Athletic training

For athletes 12 –18 years old. At this level the athlete’s strength, speed, stabilization, and power are evaluated though speed training and speed development. The non-travel athlete advances to the travel level. The Experience will build confidence and advancement.



An athlete reaches our elite level once they prove they have sustainability. Sport specific skills are honed and cross-skills are introduced.

Achieve Your Training Goals

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